The setting for Boerner Botanical Gardens is reminiscent of an English country manor with glacial fieldstone walls and historic, handcrafted limestone statuary. The Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens offers groups of 15 or more an opportunity to view Milwaukee County’s "Living" Museum with a one-hour, educational, docent-guided tour at a special group rate of $9.00 per person.

Tours available mid-April through mid-October and include:

  • Forty plus acres of formal gardens
  • Professionally labeled and evaluated plant collections
  • One of the largest crab apple collections in Wisconsin
  • Rain water harvesting and recycling project
  • Extravagant display of over 500 varieties of roses
  • Visual links to surrounding 1,000 acre Arboretum
  • Individual gardens including herbs, annuals, shrubs, daylilies and peonies
  • Wheelchair accessible Garden paths
  • 10% discount on Gift Shop purchases

Plants of the Bible:

Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens present a tour of Plants of the Bible which include references to gardens and plant life in the Bible.

Many of the plants mentioned in the Bible are the same Genus or Family as the plants that be seen at Boerner Botanical Gardens. They were used to enhance flavor in foods, to make cosmetics and perfumery to make people and places more attractive and pleasant, as payment for goods and services, and also for medicinal purposes.

“The story of creation begins in a garden, and Jesus’ last hours on earth were in a garden. His body was entombed in a garden and the women who went to the tomb to perform burial rites used plant material. The Book of Revelation ends with a reference to trees… bearing fruit.”

Explore these special plants with us anytime from July 1- Sept. 30.

The walking tour takes you through a few of Boerner’s gardens and uses the living specimens as your guide through the same material as the slide show presentation. This tour is $9 per person with a minimum group of 10.

Group Tour Reservations:

(414) 525-5664 or (414) 525-5656

The Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens are delighted to promote activities in our home town:


Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitor Bureau

Information on Greendale Visitor Center

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